Sunday, December 5, 2010

An Exhibition in a Package

An Exhibition in a Package
is a project initiated by Sara Ludvigsson, in collaboration with Adam Asnan, Nabil Ahmed, James Holcombe, Richard Owen, Kari Rittenbach and Joseph Clayton Mills/Adam Sonderberg.

Sara Ludvigsson has been working towards a realisation of an ‘exhibition in a package’ for Public Surface. An Exhibition in a Package is a digital file that contains all the necessary components of an exhibition, sent to the gallery for us to unpack, print and exhibit using our resources. The primary object for consideration is the premise of the package itself (ultimately, its efficacy), containing introduction, instructions, invitations, press release, e-mail addresses and 6 text-based descriptive ‘examples’ of works, to act as the artistic props in the model.

The exhibition is open November 28 - January 23