Friday, May 7, 2010

Value Transformers: Yes You May Do as You Please

Value Transformers: Yes You May Do
as You Please

PUBLIC SURFACE is proud to present a solo show with the american artist Morgan Jones. In a series of animated vignettes ranging from 15sec to a little less than 3 minutes we are presented with a cavalcade of images of disparate subjects that together present a bizarre parade of life and death. Value Transformers: Yes You May Do as You Please is like a digital memory bank infected by a virus.

In an interrelated, yet indeterminate stream of images we are met by disaster, consumption and the idea of the apocalypse as redemption. With a sense of being stuck in the memory of something rather than the thing itself we are led through this cathartic dream. Like a Shaman Jones enters a supernatural realm to alleviate us from our traumas.

Jones presents us with heavily manipulated digital backgrounds that continuously morph in shape, texts produced with the use of stream of consciousness, images from web archives pertaining to search themes such as nature, the internet itself, disease, waste and disaster in different capacities (one is from a dermatology website, another depicts blots of blood and cocaine on the floor), while other videos refer to blank space and basic raw materials such as paper in the form of wood, trees, sawdust and packaging. This is intermingled with abstract videos, pixelated and built up like fractals, mimicking mathematical and biological structures, together with short vignettes of real space. We see footage of a US truck stop in the desert, a giant meteor crater, a sea side village.

Jones is both a minimalist and a maximalist, presenting us with an inner/outer perspective where personal and global sentiments are merged. With themes of chaos, freedom, mathematics and transformation Value Transformers: Yes You May Do as You Please functions as an exorcism of the mind.


The exhibition will open May 9, 4 - 6 p.m.
and will be on view May 9 - June 6